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SR22 Insurance

Indiana and Illinois drivers are required to prove financial responsibility in order to legally drive a car.  Most of these drivers just simply buy a car insurance policy and carry their auto insurance identification card as proof of insurance in the unfortunate event they are involved in a car accident or are stopped by a police officer. 


Drivers who have failed to obtain insurance and are caught driving or are involved in an auto collision In cases when drivers who have failed to carry mandatory liability insurance will be mandated to buy SR22 insurance to prove their financial responsibility and maintain their driving privileges in Indiana and Illinois.  

What is SR22 insurance?

SR22 is commonly confused as a type of insurance policy when in fact, it is not.  An SR22 really just an addition to a traditional liability insurance policy that notifies the state on the status of your liability insurance coverage. 


SR22 is mandated by the office of the state and/or a traffic judge.  Typically, drivers who have been convicted of traffic related offenses are required to obtain SR22 insurance for a three year term.

Illinois and Indiana - Reasons for SR22 Insurance.

Drivers in Indiana or Illinois that have been convicted of traffic related offenses are generally required to carry SR22 insurance.  Such offenses include:

Driving with no insurance

Accident with no insurance

Multiple driving offenses


How to Get SR22 Insurance Coverage?

If you are mandated by the state to obtain SR22, it would be a good idea to first speak to your current insurance company or agency to see if your insurance carrier will issue an SR22 form.  Many insurance companies in Indiana and Illinois will not issue SR22 forms.  This is mainly due to the fact that drivers who need SR22 filing can be considered high risk drivers.


If your current insurance carrier does not offer SR22 filing, or the rate takes a huge increase, we can help!  Our agency is a leading provider of cheap SR22 insurance in Illinois and Indiana.  Start a quote today or give us a call to find out how affordable SR22 insurance can be.

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