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So a traffic court mandated you to obtain SR22 insurance but you don't own a car.  There is now a solution for that.


Non owner insurance provides liability insurance coverage when you don't own a car but sometimes drive one that isn't yours.


It is vital to note that non owner car insurance provides only liability insurance coverage and is secondary.  This means that the vehicle you do drive MUST have its own liability insurance coverage to be legal.  Drivers who have regular access or use to a car must be listed on that vehicle's insurance policy.

Need SR22 Insurance but Don't Own a Car?


Non owner SR22 insurance is your solution.  Non owner SR22 is the only way a driver who doesn't own a vehicle can get SR22 insurance in Illinois and Indiana.  

Illinois and Indiana - Non Owner SR22.

Drivers in Indiana or Illinois that have been convicted of traffic related violations and do not own a vehicle are generally required to carry non owner SR22 insurance.  Such violations include:

Driving uninsured

Driving under the influence (DUI)

Driving while intoxicated (DWI)

Multiple traffic offenses

How to Get Non Owner SR22 Insurance Coverage?

If you are required by the state of Illinois or Indiana to obtain non owner SR22, it is a great idea to get multiple SR22 insurance quotes from car insurance agencies.  Our agency is appointed with multiple insurance carriers that offer cheap non owner SR22 insurance in Illinois and Indiana.  With rates starting at $28 down and $19 per month, it has never been easier to get your SR22 certificate. 

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